Berne Shield


Interested in partnering with the Berne Chamber of Commerce?  Take a look at the wide variety of partnership options below, and feel free to contact us for rates on membership or if you have any questions!

Applicable to businesses providing supplemental income from 25 work hours or less /week.


Retail & Professional Services

Seasonal Business
Applicable to businesses open 6 or less months per year.

Financial/Healthcare/Industrial Institutions - Based on number of employees

Annual billing January - December, Pro-rated quarterly for new members joining mid-year.

Premier Partnerships
Above and beyond the normal partnership levels, each Premier Partnership includes:
• Additional recognition
• Expanded privileges
• Tickets to annual activities

Mönch - Platinum
Eiger - Gold
Wetterhorn - Silver
Jungfrau - Bronze

Any business who desires a greater partnership with the Berne Chamber of Commerce is encouraged to join at one of the levels listed above.
Additional Advancement Levels of Investment are available for the above membership levels.
Approximately 1/3-1/2 of the Mönch, Eiger and Wetterhorn Partnerships is designated towards Swiss Days sponsorship.

Contact a Chamber staff member for specific information on Premier benefits.


I want to be a member of the Berne Chamber of Commerce