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Yager-Kirchhofer Funeral Home is a family owned business and celebrated 100 years of service in 2010.  The funeral home started in July of 2010 by Lawrence Yager and Eli Bierie in Berne.  The business was located on Main Street and later moved to the residence of L.L. Yager.  In the early years the embalming was done in the homes as was the visitation and funerals.  Later the preparation was done in the business facility and churches were used available for the funeral services.  In 1937 Jerome Yager joined the business and Lawrence purchased controlling stock and the name was changed to Yager Funeral Home.  Also, on staff at that time was Jerome’s wife Mabel and brother, Luther.  In 1950 a new modern home was built on at its current location on Main Street.  In 1978 John Kirchhofer joined in partnership and the name was changed to Yager-Kirchhofer Funeral Home.
Funeral services have changed somewhat in that visitation and services have become more personalized with pictures, videos, and memorabilia displayed.
The staff continues to serve each family with respect and compassion.  And the motto through the years has been “Our Family Serving Your Family”

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John A. Kirchhofer

Phone: 260-589-3101
Fax: 260-589-2437


365 W Main Street

Berne,  IN 46711